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 Having friends or family over for a little gathering? You might want to impress them with this very fresh tasting yet simple guacamole. Please give this recipe a try. You will NOT regret it!      Years ago while one of my aunts was here visiting my mom, I decided to have her try my Guacamole. I knew she was a health nut and also loved garlic. I realize many people do NOT like garlic all that much but it is VERY good for you and I will give you an alternative to help reduce digestive issues. 
     Anyway, I made this recipe for my aunt. I put a small bowl before her with some chips and at first she looked very wary about even tasting it. Finally I convinced her to give it a try. Mind you she had never eaten an avocado before. The look on her face at the first bite was priceless. I always wish I had a camera ready. Back then we did not have the wonderful cell phones of today with those quick "selfie" cameras built in. 
     She and I went on to eventually poli…

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